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Karsten Müller


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With the current rise in energy prices and uncertainty in the world economy, there is a growing realisation that things have to change. And we cannot deny that things are already changing. There are many initiatives. It is precisely these initiatives that we like to put in the spotlight. We have another great innovative edition ready for you.

For example, there is the trend of modular construction, not long-term but temporary housing. A perfect solution, since we no longer know how areas will be used in a few years' time or what will be needed at that time. Urban.Beta is a company that creates inclusive, innovative and modular spaces. We spoke with Marvin Bratke, the architect of the initiative.

This edition's spotlight is on building designs that take daylight into account as much as possible. Architect Peter Elemans (de Witte Oss) always pays extra attention to this in his work. No oceans of light, but the right balance between light and dark.

By using a lot of glass the natural daylight creates an open and pleasant working environment. Photo: De Witte Oss.

Electrification of a traditional market

It is important that we switch from fossil fuels to alternative fuels. Electricity is a good driver for this. We already see it in cars and in heating with (hybrid) heat pumps. Anna van Nunen (Greener Power Solutions) fights the traditional suppliers of temporary energy supply who still mainly work with diesel generators with her clean mobile battery power solutions.

Lookbook: Canadian Parliament

In the lookbook, special attention is paid to this beautiful project in Ottawa. Here no standard solutions but custom-made work by the TRILUX Architectural department. From idea to drawing board to design and realisation. A great project that we are rightly proud of. And the best part? For our spotlight article we spoke with lightning designers Jean Sundin and Enrique Peiniger (OVI New York) about their passion for light.

Enjoy reading and listening! Karsten Müller Managing Director TRILUX Lighting Solutions

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