Industrialisation of luminaires:

vintage is king

Industrial luminaires are making an increasing return to office interiors, meeting the New Work demands. Especially in areas where the technical lighting properties do not pose a high challenge in terms of glare.

A real eye-catcher is the so-called So-Tube LED from TRILUX. This perfect lighting solution for industrial architecture is often used in open-plan offices and co-working spaces. With its modern industrial design, So-Tube LED even fits perfectly into rough environments - and creates a uniquely attractive atmosphere in the office with high-quality light. Be inspired.

Need lighting?

These lighting designs are developed in cooperation with TRILUX.

Our light experts are happy to help you with your light plan: from drawing board to realisation. Call us at +49 29 32 3010 or e-mail Isabel Sabisch or Janina ten Haaf.

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