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Photo: Glowing Nature by Daan Roosegaarde

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Corienne Merkens

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I proudly present to you the second edition of Get Inspired by Light magazine! In this edition, we take a closer look at lighting design of the future. We interviewed Daan Roosegaarde, the well-known for his smog-filtering bicycles and towers Dutch designer. Roosegaarde is often inspired by nature. He uses the concept of biomimicry and currently experiments with light-emitting algae for street lighting of the future.

At Light + Building, Europe’s largest lighting fair, we stumbled upon a young start-up that is bringing a new revolutionary lighting technology to the market: lighting with lasers. They claim that this technology is even better than LED. Even the Japanese inventor and Nobel prize winner of the blue LED light is convinced. We interviewed the CEO of this start-up about development struggles and future plans.

Artist Impression: CEPEZED

The Green House, The Netherlands

In the era of sustainable design, circular building principles are emerging. What is circular building design and how do you use it? We asked the architect of The Green House, a circular pavilion that recently opened in The Netherlands.

In this edition, you will also find an interesting discussion between two lighting experts. They talk about a new business model for light that is driven by similar principles as Spotify and Netflix. What are the ideas behind this model and how do the user, designer and manufacturer all benefit?

Light art in Alingsås

During the dark winter nights many major European cities choose to illuminate their streets with spectacular light art. One of the first light festivals this season took place in Sweden, in the city of Alingsås. From September 28th until November 4th visitors could see impressive light installations from lighting designers and students. Also, we have listed all major light festivals in Europe for you!

Last but not least, find inspiring architectural lighting projects in our Lookbooks.

Enjoy reading!

Lookbook: Town Hall Wageningen

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