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Karsten Müller


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The IPCC report emphasized once again that it’s crucial to change the way we treat Earth and her resources. As a family business, TRILUX feels the urge to keep the earth as healthy as possible for future generations. We need to think about the use of our raw materials and energy consumption. That’s why this edition is filled with pioneers who have ideas about this and bring them into practice.

In The Spotlight you’ll find Nicole Bakker (Circular Engine). As a constructional engineer and biotechnician she looks at sustainability, circularity and making an impact from a practical point of view. Also in the construction industry. The sustainable transition can be done quicker and better, according to her.

Different ownership models

It’s important to change our ownership models, if we want to use raw materials more economically and to make sure we can use them in the future. Think of circular propositions in which the manufacturer remains owner of the product. Bert van Son (MUD Jeans) introduced Lease A Jeans in the fashion industry. In the lighting industry, light as a service is the future as well, we believe.

Can we build more sustainably? Jan Willem van de Groep is convinced you can make an entire house with biobased materials. And architect Michael Bol (Buro Kade) wonders why we don’t use our common sense more often.

In the Lookbooks you will find the Strabrecht College. A secondary school in the middle of the forest where Zero-energy construction was centre stage, and greenery, light and climate got free rein.

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Karsten Müller Managing Director TRILUX Lighting Solutions

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