Build well with WELL: Danone HQ

Health and wellbeing of people is paramount

With their new headquarters in Hoofddorp, food-products corporation Danone wanted to convey their future vision on the inside and out: One Planet, One Health. This vision is not only found in its sustainable architectural design. The wellbeing and health of the users of the building is priority number one.

Well certificaat

Not only did Danone HQ get the sustainable LEED certification. It also got the WELL Gold Building Standard certification, which is awarded by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC). It is the only label that is completely focused on the wellbeing of its users. Among others, quality of air, water, light, movement, mind and materials, are taken into consideration for the award. Read the interview with Edwin van Noort (DGBC): “Sustainability has become a basic requirement”

Atrium is the meeting place in a sea of daylight

The building, realized in 2019, strikes the eye with its geometrically rounded banners around the big open facade. The atrium forms the core of the headquarters. From the inside, you have a view of the green garden side. The glass roof provides the building with a lot of natural light. The broad bleacher stairs make the atrium the social heart of the building: people can sit together during their breaks and gatherings for lectures are organised here as well.

Well certification and light

Humans need sufficient lighting to live pleasantly and function well. Exposure to enough daylight, complemented with high-quality artificial lighting is key for this. Optimization of people’s circadian rhythm has been taken into account in the lighting design of Danone HQ. In an ideal situation, this rhythm is disrupted as little as possible and light plays a crucial role in this.

Different lighting levels for different tasks, such as reading or concentrating on a task, have to be considered. To obtain this, an ideal mix of ambient, direct and indirect light is necessary. These conditions are all part of obtaining a WELL certificate.

Want to know more about lighting that contributes to the WELL certificate?

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